Driver Profile


Driver: Mike Greenwalt

Age: 36

Occupation: Owner of Awmotorsports

Hometown: Shamokin, PA

Marital Status: Married

Children: Four

Hobbies: Rock crawling, welding, fabricating, paintball, spending time with family


     Mike started four wheeling in 1990 after buying his first jeep. From the first time he took it offroad he was hooked on four wheeling! He has stayed active in many clubs since then, including starting his own. He has put together fundraisers for Toys for Tots, local shelters, and has been apart of many other fund raisers including the New York City relief ride held at Paragon Adventure Park. As with most things in life, his ambition to do more started him searching for the next step. After attending his first rock crawling competition eight years ago as a spectator, he found what he was looking for!Seven years ago he got his chance to compete as a spotter. After being bit by the rock crawling bug he went to work on his own rig for competing.Mike’s rookie year was a huge success. Finishing in the top three in his class earned him a respective spot at the World Championship Supercrawl. Mike was also one of only four people from his class to be promoted to the extreme east division of rock crawling!

Spotter Profile



Spotter: Dan Smith

Age: 29

Occupation: Engineer

Hometown: Manalapan NJ Marital Status: Single

Children: none

Hobbies: Rock crawling, metal fabrication, climbing, the outdoors



     Dan started his offroading career at 16, with the purchase of his first jeep. He soon started modifying it for better off-road performance. He is active in the offroading community via a handful of local clubs. Dan also runs his own small fabrication shop making off-road Jeep products. His long time love for the outdoors and extreme sports made rock crawling a perfect sport for Dan. Ever since he started offroading he has been called upon to help spot vehicles through the hardest of obstacles. When Dan started competing in the Neuroc series seven years ago it seemed almost natural for him to act as a spotter. Now going into his eighth season Dan has seen many victories, including going to the World Championship SuperCrawl III in Salt Lake City, Utah